My interconnect voice needs are unique, right?

When we launched our first commercial version of the GCS Dynamic Management Solution in 2009,  we weren’t sure what to expect. We were simultaneously excited about what we had built, and nervous as to whether the industry need was large enough to warrant the investment we were making. We experienced all the anxieties that new companies encounter as they launch a new product. 

Well, that was 2009. Now, in 2016, not only do we no longer have that anxiety, we now recognize that those anxieties were unnecessary. The interconnect voice marketplace has need, ubiquitous need, for solutions that help them make and keep their voice interconnect business profitable. From routing, to rating, to interconnect management, to CDR processing, to reporting & analytics, to credit management, to revenue assurance, to invoicing, to supplier management, to quality. All of these areas are common across the entire voice industry.  Emphasis might be placed differently, and companies might prioritize these needs differently, but the needs are all the same.  

Interconnect voice management platforms, the good ones at least, cover a wide range of functions and processes. They serve a diverse group of users and stakeholders, such as, operations, finance, sales, purchasing, and management. They are an ERP Solution specifically built for the interconnect voice industry.  Our customer base is as diverse a group of customers as any company can have that services the voice service provider industry - we have pure-play retailers, CLECs, former ILECs, next gen start-ups, pure-play wholesalers and every combination in between. What we can say, without any doubt, is that the needs are not unique from carrier to carrier. In fact, in 2016, when we deploy our platform there is little difference between the global IXC and the small pure arbitrage player.  

In 2016, carriers need a voice interconnect management platform that works with their next gen networks, provides a workforce automation platform, is scalable & reliable, and has all the features they need to operate their business, unencumbered. That’s what we strive to do with our Dynamic Management Platform. Our platform, since its inception and commercial release in 2009, has been extended, refined, and improved to address all the needs of carriers - regardless of their size or sophistication. It is a carrier-class product, built by and supported by carrier people.  

In 2016, in a commoditized marketplace like voice, differentiation is low and so execution is a necessity to competitive viability. If carriers need to focus on execution, they can’t have unique needs compared to the rest of the industry.

Andrea Rona