Making Interconnect Voice Great Again

For some time now, we’ve known something about the interconnect voice marketplace.  We’ve known it in our minds and in our hearts.  But, we didn’t want to lend a voice to it for fear that it might expose the reality of it to our colleagues, our co-workers, our industry analysts, our investors. That something is that interconnect voice isn’t as great as it used to be, as great as it should be, nor as great as it could be.

Carriers simply don’t pay as much attention to interconnect voice anymore.  They are all consumed with new services, selling data, getting into the mobile space or becoming an application provider. Hello Verizon HUM (What the heck is that?)

They think interconnect voice is passe, yesterday’s news and more of a chore than anything else. Well, you know what folks? We are going to make interconnect voice great again!  We are going to get our platform in the hands of as many voice service providers as we can and it’s going to be YUGE (not big, not huge, but YUGE).

Here at GCS, we build beautiful software that does amazing things and we are going to make interconnect voice great again.  With our YUGE scalability, our incredible speed and unsurpassed reliability.  Interconnect voice is going to be great again and it’s going to be amazing. You won’t believe how great it will be.  We will support voice service providers in the US, in Canada, in Europe, in Asia, in Africa, and yes, in Latin and South America.

See, interconnect voice is still very important to anyone in the voice service business. The problem is that they have had the wrong software or tools. They need the best tools available in the marketplace and when voice carriers get these tools, boy, let me tell you, it’s amazing. We are going to make this industry great again. Virtual Reality will have NOTHING on interconnect voice. Driverless cars, auto drones, iPhone 7s or 8s..even iPhone Infinity will be nothing like interconnect voice will be when carriers are using the right tools to manage their business.

We are talking about a revolution here.  About making interconnect voice great again. About returning interconnect voice to where it belongs, atop the mountain of exciting, dynamic industries. It’s going to be great.  Come with us…let’s do it together and make interconnect voice great again!  GCS — 2016!!!!!!

Andrea Rona