Least Cost Routing … It’s so Yesterday!

So, if you have been reading our blog or have explored our website at all, you hopefully have figured out that we are a Next Gen OSS & BSS company serving the inter-carrier voice market.  We often get described as the Least Cost Routing software company, or as the company that offers an “LCR Tool”.  While it is true that we do offer capabilities that help you to do routing of voice calls, and we can support a Least Cost Routing method, that description of GCS, and of the vast number of service providers serving the inter-carrier industry is so….Yesterday.

First, let's just say that if you are still using traditional LCR as the primary method for managing how to route voice calls…then we definitely need to talk.  It’s 2015.  If you are using LCR, it's like using pagers!   It's sooooo outdated.

There have been enormous technology advances that offer carriers capabilities to improve every aspect of their inter-carrier voice business.   To still be employing the routing method from the 90’s is just…, how can we put this...crazy!!!!!!

GCS, and many of our peers in the carrier solution industry, offer capabilities that allow CSPs to devise routing strategies and policies that correlate directly to their specific business objectives.  Whether its quality, revenue, margin, peering, bi-lat, etc, the tools and technologies available today provide CSPs with an almost limitless ability to craft routing strategies.  This means carriers can offer unlimited products and have unique routing policies per product, per customer(s), or per supplier(s).

The GCS Dynamic Management Solution includes our Dynamic Route Management Module (dROM for short). It is a pure code based system that allow carriers to support:

  • U.S. Domestic or International Routing

  • LNP, MNP, and ENUM Routing

  • Service Level Based Routing

  • Quality Based Routing

  • Peering • Bi-Lateral

  • and more ….

So, if you are still using traditional LCR, you should give us a call and let’s see if we can help you.   Because, as we said earlier, Least Cost Routing is sooo Yesterday and you need to be prepared for tomorrow!

Andrea Rona