It's Time

Many of you have probably heard about the “Crossing the Chasm” theory championed by Geoffrey Moore in the early 1990s that attempts to explain how new technologies are adopted in the marketplace. Whether that marketplace is comprised of consumers, businesses, government or non-government entities, or charities. Basically, the Crossing the Chasm theory goes like this:

There are 5 groups of buyers for any new technologies:

1. The innovators
2. The early adopters
3. Early majority
4. Late majority
5. Laggards

New technologies are adopted, en masse, sequentially across these 5 categories with the largest groups being in the Late Majority and Laggards. The theme of the chasm existing is that between the early adopters and early majority is a wide gap where many new technologies often fail to gain widespread adoption. Essentially, the product didn’t satisfy the buying criteria of the early adopters to make them feel comfortable enough to purchase the new technology.  In the interconnect voice management platform marketplace, companies like GCS have been directly and indirectly progressing through the crossing the chasm phase. Simultaneously, the marketplace is maturing and realizing the ‘inevitability’ or necessity of the next generation of interconnect voice management platforms and the growing list of benefits that such solutions can provide a carrier.

So, the issue in front of carriers today is no longer, “should they make the investment in a next generation interconnect voice management platform?”.  The issue is “when are they going to make the investment in a next generation voice management platform”?  While we are certainly biased, we think the answer is, without question, “NOW”!  The solution marketplace is accelerating its innovation curve, with ever more capabilities being made available in these platforms while, concurrently, reliability and scalability are increasing. GCS, as an example, has been offering its solution since 2009. We were one of the pioneers in the space with our real-time, dynamic routing policy engine. Over the years, we’ve expanded our feature set (both wide & deep), adding a big data engine that has provided unprecedented scale. In addition, we have acquired market leading carriers as our customer which validates our value proposition and provides us insight into the evolving needs of the marketplace. Today, our Dynamic Management Solution provides more than 95% of the capabilities needed to support interconnect voice operations. It’s processing over 6bn attempts per month and managing nearly $100M in monthly interconnect voice margin (that’s margin, not revenue).

If you are a voice service provider, any kind of voice service provider (Retail, Mobile, OTT, interconnect, etc.) and you have not yet made the investment in a next gen interconnect voice management platform, then, please contact us. Start the process. The time is now. The solutions are available. You won’t believe how advanced the solutions are or how you can improve your margins and your quality. How you can do more with less and how you can make your interconnect voice management operations a reliable margin contributing activity for your business. The technology is ready. The marketplace is ready. The question is... are you ready?

Andrea Rona