It's all tied together

In this interconnected inter-carrier voice world that carriers operate in, it’s important to realize that every aspect of inter-carrier voice operations is tied together. Instead of having separate functions that platforms completed (Pricing, CDR Processing, Routing, Rating, Reporting, Billing, Credit, etc), carriers need to have an OSS & BSS system that looks at all these functions as part of the “whole” because they are all tied together. Take for example, Credit Management. In this industry, it’s obviously important to manage credit from both an exposure standpoint (e.g. your customers), as well as, a vendor standpoint (prepay & deposits). But, if a carrier is managing that outside of the routing system, they have a problem. See, credit management is a component of the overall business policy and performance within the inter-carrier voice operations. Carriers must know exactly how much exposure they have to originators using their network and how they are managing their termination capacity on third party networks. Credit Management is as integral to routing policy management as call completion and port capacity, so carriers must manage it actively. The only way to do this is, dynamically, through a fully integrated management platform. Think about the time carriers spend concerned about credit risk. Sure, it would be great to only do business with low credit risk originators or to never have to provide pre-payment for termination routes, but that isn’t the reality of the marketplace. Carriers must employ tools and solutions that allow it to seamlessly manage the credit aspects of the inter-carrier voice business in a dynamic, automated and reliable way that takes into account the entire domain of credit management.

GCS has built our Dynamic Management Solution to include these credit management attributes as part of our overall solution. We actively measure, monitor and adjust the actual dollars in the credit management for a particular customer or vendor so that the operational policies designed by the carrier are realized. This means, in the GCS Dynamic Management System, we allow carriers to set the credit limits, alarm them and, if they want, adjust routing based on credit limits being reached. All of this happens in real-time without human intervention. The Next Gen OSS & BSS Solution providers, like GCS, recognize how important it is that carriers manage every aspect of their inter-carrier voice business in a holistic platform. Credit management is an important attribute and it has to be actively managed. In 2016, we’ll be introducing new capabilities regarding our credit management system, including some compelling bi-lateral related capabilities. The new capabilities will allow carriers to do some unique things as it relates to credit management because, let’s face it, it’s all tied together.

Andrea Rona