Don’t limit your opportunities

One of the central components of our value proposition (increasing suppliers) is premised on our belief that ubiquitous interconnection amongst carriers is good because it promotes better marketplace efficiency and opens up opportunity. While the opportunity that is presented to carriers by being interconnected with each other can be small, in some instances it can be large and, potentially, game changing.  So, why don’t carriers spend more time focusing on doing more interconnects?  Well, because it is information intensive. The physical interconnect may be as simple as an IP address in some registry file, but the information that has to be exchanged is pretty intense. Here’s just a brief list of what’s involved:

  • Contracts

  • Rates

  • Financial Contacts

  • Billing & Payment information

  • Rates & Rates Addendums email addresses

  • NOC contacts

  • Commercial/Sales Contacts

It’s kind of crazy, the amount of information that two carriers have to exchange just so they can commercially support the exchange of voice calls. Which, by the way, is a transaction that costs, at least in the U.S., less than a $0.01 per minute! But this is exactly why GCS exists. 

We exist to help carriers make, and keep, voice profitable.  We believe one way we do that is by helping our customers (telecom carriers) pursue as many interconnects as possible. In fact, we want our customers to have the ability to pursue ubiquitous interconnects. We don’t ever want there to be a constraint that prevents them from pursuing an opportunity. Our customers come to us because they want to increase their suppliers, or interconnect partners, improve the quality they deliver, reduce termination costs, and get access to real-time data and reporting. That’s why we built GCS and it is what we do.  

So, if you are a carrier and you know you should be interconnected with more carriers, but are concerned about the burden it would place on your back-office systems and team, don’t let that concern stop you from pursuing the opportunity. Unlimited interconnects = Unlimited opportunities.  You don’t want to have limited opportunities do you?

Andrea Rona