This interconnect voice industry is one crazy industry. To those on the outside, it might appear to be one of the least interesting, stale, non-innovative industries. But, upon closer inspection, as all of us “insiders” know,  it is one of the most technologically vibrant and dynamic industries in the world.  We are constantly amazed at the rate of change confronting the industry via technological advances, regulatory requirements or market dynamics.  As Communication Service providers continuously confront the day-to-day market dynamics, they are now confronting regulatory changes. Some of these regulatory changes can be incredibly disruptive and throw the interconnect voice marketplace into chaos.  (Not that it has ever been a well oiled machine).

Take the whole Origin Based Pricing/A Number Billing/Eu-NON EU Routing and Rating that the regulatory authorities ( BEREC, WTO & NRA) have imposed on Europe.  This new wrinkle of complication imposes a level of sophistication on carriers that they weren’t ready to absorb or respond to, leaving them reeling from, and scrambling to devise a solution. Luckily, GCS has been at the forefront of sophisticated, intelligent, dynamic routing and all the complexities of interconnect voice.  We look at these changes as being analogous to the routing complexities that have existed in the U.S for years.  We’ve have been managing complex Jurisdictional routing in the U.S., all the way down to the Local Calling Area level. We see these regulatory requirements being imposed in the EU very similarly which helps us as we extend our Dynamic Management Solution to address these needs. We are sure all of the solution providers in the market are aggressively acting in response to these crazy changes.

So, to all our carrier customers, prospects and colleagues, don’t fret over it too much.  Your vendors will respond and provide you solutions that will help you address this regulatory challenge which will allow you to get back to focusing on the day-to-day running of your business.  That is, of course, until the next issue arises that you are forced to confront.  But, that will probably be a few months from now, or at least a few weeks from now, actually, it might only be a few days away…okay, this industry is crazy!

Andrea Rona