By Now...Voice Should Just Work

It's been almost 150 years since Alexander Graham Bell obtained a patent for an "apparatus for transmitting vocal sounds telegraphically". The telecommunications industry has come a long way since then. The advances in technology and reach of voice communications has been nothing short of incredible. Acknowledging that, it still rings a little "off key" that in 2015, operating a voice service still imposes operational and technological challenges to a carrier. In 2015, shouldn't voice just "work"? Eric Raney, our VP of Business Development starts many of his conversations with leaders in the industry by posing that question..asking, "Shouldn't voice just work in 2015"?

It's amazing that he gets unanimous agreement that it should and that almost everyone can't pinpoint exactly why it doesn't. The problems to making voice work all the time are all well documented and completely understood at the engineering level. The industry is incredibly mature and sophisticated. There exists a myriad of technologies available that should help make this feasible. At GCS, we believe that "making voice work" is extremely important for any current or aspiring communication service provider. To that end, we have dedicated our entire company to pursue this goal. It's why we exist. Our OSS & BSS Solution is one part of a voice management solution. The other's are the switches, SBC, IP Backbone, co-lo, hardware, etc.

We invite carriers committed to making voice work to contact us and discuss how, together we can make voice work. Who knows, maybe sometime soon, if we all work together voice can just work!

Andrea Rona