Why is the diABR important?

Hi there, my intrepid interconnect voice colleagues!

As you may have heard or seen, we here at GCS recently introduced our Dynamic International Ani Based Routing Module (diABR).  Besides being a mouthful, our diABR is a long awaited module with the capability to specifically address the new regulatory changes imposed on the EU by BEREC.  Basically, these new regulations require carriers to offer different tariffed based pricing for calls that originate AND terminate within the EU. In shorthand, we refer to this as EU/Non-EU. What made this regulatory change complex or “tricky” was that it requires routing engines to look at the origination ANI and the termination ANI to determine how much to charge for the call and who to route the call to.  Now, that is different than most routing systems and methods. Traditionally, most systems were destination based system. That is, they looked at where the call was going to, and the rates and routes were defined by only that.  Now, with this new regulatory requirement, carriers have to look at both sides of the call.  In this way, it’s more like airline fees.  The cost of an airline ticket depends on where you are departing from and where you are landing. Now, with these new EU/non-EU requirements, phone calls have to support similar functionality. 

GCS spent a lot of time building and testing this functionality. It was our major development effort for 2016, and we are thrilled that we have been able to release it and can’t wait to help carriers leverage its capabilities as we help them compete and adjust to the new marketplace and regulatory realities.

Amigos de adeus,