Why is Dynamic Routing better than the traditional LCR file based routing?

Hmmm…So, you are asking me why routing that is based on real-time rate data and real-time network performance data is better than the traditional file based method? You want me to explain to you why creating a “call-by-call” LCR method as opposed to using a static file LCR method that applies to all calls, should be the preferred method? You want me to provide a defense of the Next Gen Network Framework and architectures (including SIP & IMS) that justifies an architecture that leverages real-time information and has no constraints because of file normalization process? You want me to explain to you why the switches that manage sessions shouldn’t be responsible for creating the routing because they aren’t designed to do that, they are designed to manage sessions? You want me to explain to you why our partners like Metaswitch have come to us and are seeking to bundle our solution with theirs as they aggressively pursue the interconnect marketplace? You want me to provide some real world examples from our customers which include the likes of iBasis, Orange, KDDi, Earthlink, Sify, and more than 60 other carriers and why they are using our Dynamic solution?

Okay, you know what? I will do it. Dynamic Routing is better because it is based on real-time commercial data, real-time network performance data, and allows service providers to create rules that govern how each and every call is routed in their network. Dynamic Routing is better because it doesn’t use a static file LCR method that is cumbersome and imposes restrictions on business policies, and doesn’t take into account real-time network performance or commercial data. Dynamic Routing is better because it leverages next gen network technologies (SIP, IMS, etc.). You know, the network architecture and framework that is the future because its software enables the entire communications network and eliminates constraints. The Dynamic Routing allows switches to focus on doing what they do best, manage sessions. It’s why our next gen infrastructure partner Metaswitch has chosen to bundle our solution into their interconnect voice offering. It’s why our customers like iBasis, Orange, KDDi, Earthlink & Sify use our interconnect voice management platform.

Have a great week! —Ani