Why do carriers come to GCS?

Interesting question. I’d like to say it is because of me, but that isn’t the case. Our customers come to us for a few specific needs that we solve which include:

1) Reporting & Analytics: We have a killer reporting engine that rides on top of our Big Data solution. We can report on any field in the CDR. Any field. And we can do it blazingly fast.  

2) Quality of Service:  We help carriers improve the quality they provide their customers by leveraging dynamic routing, intelligent alarming and a pragmatic approach to quality. All of it leads to better quality delivered to our customer’s customer.

3) Increasing interconnects: Our solution helps carriers manage the complexities and administrative burdens that managing a lot of interconnects presents. Our solution is an end-to-end, purpose built, interconnect voice management platform. It covers 95... maybe even 99% of the tasks carriers have to perform in relation to their interconnect voice business.  Everything from Rate Management to Routing to CDR Processing to invoicing, to credit management, revenue assurance, quality management, and interconnect management.

4) They need to upgrade to a Next gen platform: One of the “secrets” in the voice industry is that many of the larger service providers are still running their interconnect voice business on legacy systems and technology. We are talking 1990s technology. We engage with many carriers that are still looking at managing their interconnect voice as if Next Gen networks are still “unproven”. Obviously, our solution is a next gen solution. So we can help carriers get to where they need to get going, quickly and without a lot of pain.

5) Scalability & Reliability: You know it’s amazing how important scalability & reliability are in the interconnect voice market where transactions regularly number in the billions and tens of billions. Our platform has proven its performance both in scale and reliability, and we win a lot of business from carriers who have been burned (lost $$$ and customers) because they don’t have a scalable or reliable solution.

You know…I could go on and on. Suffice it say that carriers come to us for a wide variety of reasons. But carriers needs are, by and large, all the same. Carriers place higher emphasis on certain wants & needs, but, they all have essentially the same needs... to improve their interconnect voice business & operations. And that’s what we do!

See ya next week-Ani