Why should a carrier choose GCS?

Fair question. I spend a lot of time answering a variety of questions about our product, the marketplace, and what makes us good, etc. But it probably is a good question for me to respond to and answer, specifically, why carriers should choose GCS.

Of course, there are a lot of reasons I can cite as to why a carrier should choose us: features, scalability, reliability, speed, our domain expertise, our roadmap, etc. But that feels “common”.  I want to respond with something that is differentiating.  And that...is our customers.  

Our customers are what defines us, and is why a customer should choose us.

Our customers include, Vonage, Windstream, iBasis, Mediacom, PTGi, Comcast, Frontier, Fairpoint, Granite, Sify, IPBell, Fusion, PGi, and dozens and dozens more.   

These carriers are retailers, wholesalers, arbitrage players, niche players, CLECs, etc. They are based in the U.S., Western Europe, Central & South America. They have used our solution to manage over 100 Billion minutes and over $20 Billion dollars in voice traffic. They have had common needs, and unique needs, met by us and our solution. They continue to rely on us as their strategic vendor, critical to their voice operations.  

That’s why a carrier should choose us.  

Judge us not by what we say, but by what we do. And, as evidenced by our list of customers, we are doing it right!

Ciao for now,