Who is your best customer?

Oooh, that’s a good question. Now, like a parent, I love all of our customers. At GCS, we really take a white-glove, cradle to grave approach to customer engagement and support. Our best customers are the customers who engage with us. I mean, we have a ton of customers. Of course, I could single out, iBasis, Windstream, Vonage, Mediacom, Comcast, PGi, PTGi, and others, but just because they have big brands and are well known doesn’t make them our best customers. We’ve got Ricochet Global, a great company with excellent market knowledge that is a phenomenal customer of ours because of how they engage with us. They partner with us to help them explore new markets, new products, and new opportunities.

PTGi is a phenomenal company and we work so closely with them to deliver the cutting edge capabilities they need to stay one step ahead of the market. They are smart, well financed, and aggressive. It’s awesome to have  a customer like that. They push us to deliver better solutions and we love it!

iBasis, wow, what can you say? One of the true pioneers in the marketplace. These guys are smart, disciplined, and aggressive. They are playing the long game and want the solutions for today that can be extended for 10 years.

We’ve also got Frontier, Fairpoint, and Fusion. We’ve got companies like Vinculum, Sify, and RateMax. We have Dasaro, Datora, and X5. Oh..i gotta stop. You can’t ask me to choose my best customer. I just love them all!

See ya,