What's the one feature carriers seem to always want?

Nice question. Well, we get lots of carriers asking us lots of questions about specific features that we have, don’t have, or are planning to have. Some are really great questions. Some questions, let’s just say, they are, in a word, “wacky”.

One feature request we often get is for what we refer to as “what-if” analysis. We describe it as a price evaluation report. Basically, carriers have this want of being able to evaluate a vendor’s proposed rate in the full context of all their routing logic and other vendors. Carriers are trying to ascertain what additional margin they would generate from the new proposed rate. It’s an interesting request and we get it all the time. We currently don’t have it in our feature set, but we have it on our “wish list” roadmap.

There are some challenges to delivering this capability and its real utility is not fully understood because you would have to essentially replay all calls to that destination and see how much of the traffic that vendor would have received based on all the existing routing logic. And of course you would have to assume that the ASR/ABR, PDD, and other quality metrics stayed exactly the same. It’s not something we have today, but we will at some point.  

This idea of predicting margin to justify business cases is a common request we receive from prospective customers. Oddly enough, however, very few of our existing customers ask us for this. Must be because our solution does such a great job that it lessens the importance of this capability. Anyway. Thanks for asking!

Au Revoir mon ami,