What were the biggest developments for GCS in 2016?

Awww, so sweet of you to ask us what we did in 2016. Well, 2016 was a pretty transformative year in the life of our company.  We made significant strides in our software, acquired some pretty amazing customers, and further solidified our position in the marketplace for the future. From a product perspective our big launch is what we refer to as “Ani Based Routing”. This capability became required based on the EU’s jurisdictional rulings. It was a significant challenge because it meant we had to evolve from being primarily a destination based routing platform to an origination OR destination routing platform. Sounds simple, but as most things that sound simple, it ain’t. We had to completely re-write how we analyzed routing queries, how we managed rating and rate analysis, and we also have to support a ton more rate decks. As part of this effort we also looked at evolving our Dynamic Routing Engine user interface to make it reflect the current user experience paradigm.  

We were able to deliver and launch this in the end of Q2 beginning Q3, and now it’s up and running and working well. Our success in delivering that is a testament to our engineering and operations team, who made it happen despite the complexity and re-architecture work required. That’s our biggest product development in 2016.

As far as the business side of things, we had some changes in our management team, hired a brand new VP of sales (Rick Gaulin) and made some strategic investments in infrastructure for our cloud based services.  2016 will go down as an important, transformative year in our company’s history and we are excited, more than ever, at what 2017 holds in store for us and our customers!

Tchau — Ani!