What makes the GCS product better than the competition's?

Wow.  Another great question this week!

Of course, I could give you all the pithy responses about our people, and our passion for excellence, and our dogged determinedness to satisfy our customers.  Those are somewhat “intangible” qualities of our company. While I fiercely believe we are better in those areas than our competition, I want to give you something with a little more specificity. A little more meat to it. Something that is a little more quantifiable. So, what makes us better than the competition?  Two words: SPEED and SCALE. That’s it. We’ll put the speed of our solution against anybody’s in the industry. And what’s speed without scale? Nothing, and our scale is an 800 pound gorilla scale. Our solution is better in these areas because we have spent the last 5 years refining and honing the core of our solution to leverage a BIG DATA capability like few else have in telecom. Through our partner, infobright, we’ve imbedded their BIG DATA solution into the core of the GCS Dynamic Solution Architecture. This means all of our CDR Processing, our Alarming, our Reporting, and all the heavy lifting carriers have to do through our system, is done fast.  
It’s one of the key reasons we have won business from several service providers in the U.S. and around the world. Now, SPEED and SCALE might not be the sexiest or most compelling things to market (and our marketing team complains about that all the time), but here in today’s highly competitive marketplace, if you don’t have speed & scale, you know what you have? Second, third, or even last place. So, think about that next time someone comes to you with a new fangled feature or capability. Sure it looks great. Sounds awesome. Will do great, if it can work at scale and with speed. Check out our post on the rest of the –ilities, and we’ll share more with you about our perspective. Our marketing team will thank you, and I’ll thank you.

Arrivederci my paisanos!

Andrea RonaAni 2016, First Section