What do you have cooking for 2017?

Wow, that’s a great question. What do we have cooking for 2017?  Boy, we sure have  a lot on our plate.  Everything from Telco-Audit, to Bi-Laterals to our new User Interface to improvements in Product Pricing, etc.  We have so much on our plate, it’s almost scary….almost.

2017 is going to be the year where we deliver a set of features that, when combined with our current base of capabilities, allows us to provide up to 99% of the features & functions carriers need and want.  2017 will be the year whereby our conversations with customers, partners and prospective customers turn from, “What else do you need?”,  to “Here’s what else we can do”.   We’re planning to usher in a whole new range of capabilities and power that we haven’t seen before.  2017 is the year GCS transforms from one of the leading interconnect voice platform providers to THE LEADING INTERCONNECT VOICE PLATFORM PROVIDER.  Our focus and dedication to scale & reliability has given us a leg up on all the competitors in the marketplace. Sure, we were a little stifled when our engineering teams would spend months engineering for scale, speed and reliability. Those things that no one can do without, but aren’t the sexiest things to talk about. But here we are, and we believe we have the most scalable, most reliable and fastest interconnect voice platform in the marketplace today.  We aren’t just a Least Cost Routing engine.  We are an enterprise management system designed specifically for interconnect voice.  We are making voice profitable, and we are helping carriers address their wants and needs in all things interconnect voice. 

Pretty cool eh?  Well, we are just getting started.  Wait until you see what we do next!

See ya, Ani