What are your best customers doing right?

That’s a really good question. Lots of smart people in this industry.  So, we have a great, big, diverse group of customers.  Every type of carrier imaginable.  From the OTT guy, to the Cable Co, to the SMB retailer, to the prepaid wireless consumer play, to the pureplay wholesale provider. We have a lot of carriers in North America but some really good ones in Western Europe, LATAM and even the Caribbean (big shout out to Caribcom). This allows us to see how carriers are using our solution and running their voice business on a day-to-day basis and what the really successful ones are doing.  Not unsurprisingly, there is a lot in common amongst our customers who seem to be having the most success.

In no particular order, here’s a quick list of some of the things they all do…

  • Constantly increase suppliers

  • Buy as granular as they can

  • Use our dynamic routing for quality, blending, revenue assurance, etc

  • Monitor, Alarm, Adjust, Report…Repeat

Our most successful customers seem to be always looking to expand their supplier base and increase the granularity at which they can buy. This allows them to take advantage of additional suppliers for capacity, quality and termination costs. We talk a lot about how we help carriers expand their supplier base and it really is important. It not only helps with capacity needs but also ensures that our customers are paying a fair market value for the termination. Adding that value to the additional capacity needed to support calling volume at peak times are two important needs that all carriers have, but it seems that only the high performing ones commit to making it happen.

You know what?  This was such a good question, I think I am going to have our team add this to our content library instead of trying to respond here. Keep your eye out for it.

Enjoy, Ani