What are the goals for GCS in 2018?

Nice question. What are our goals for 2018?  Well, of course our goals always include helping our customers make their voice business profitable. In fact, that’s part of our central value proposition. But, looking at it a little more granularly, we have some pretty big goals for 2018.  

Here they are:

1) Deliver our long awaited Supplier Assurance Module (SAM). This is going to be pretty cool stuff. Imagine an automated workflow for validating all your supplier invoices. Pretty neat.

2) Converged User Interface.  O.M.G  Our new interface is awesome and will make our product easier to use and allow all of our customers to maximize the utility of our software.

3) CDR Reconciliation Module (CDRecon). We continue to make this tool better and better. We know everyone has disputes and we want to help you triage them and get to the facts ASAP. No more FTP file exchanges or complex Excel analysis.  

4) Bi-Lats.  Nuff’ said.

We are also planning on our inaugural user forum. Which should be pretty, pretty, pretty cool. Lots of fun and idea sharing as we help our customers make voice profitable.

2018 is going to be a great year for GCS and our customers!!!!

Happy New Year,