What are carriers talking about these days?

That’s a great question. What do we hear carriers talking about these days?  Well, in terms of interconnect voice platform capabilities (our area of specialty), we definitely hear a lot about centralized rate administration. That is definitely a big issue, want/need out there. We also continue to hear a lot about bilaterals. Everyone simultaneously wants to improve their existing bilateral system, but they want the new system to work exactly the way the old system worked. Kind of odd, but we get it. Bilateral deals are complex, a little squishy, and therefore hard to codify discreetly.

But that’s not all we hear about. We hear about workflow tools like automated supplier invoice validation, CDR reconciliation, product pricing, margin optimization, A# routing, ON-net, Off-net, etc. Lots and lots of stuff. Our ICP product probably does 95% of what a carrier needs today and about 80% of what they want. We are constantly chasing that 5% and 20%.

2018 and 2019 are going to be milestone years for GCS as we continue to introduce “game changer” features and capabilities in our platform. Our stated goal is to “make voice profitable”. We have been at it a long time and our existing customers continue to demonstrate to us that we are helping them do just that.  

What do you hear amongst your carrier friends? What are the burning topics of the day?

Until next week,