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Why is the diABR important?

As you may have heard or seen, we here at GCS recently introduced our Dynamic International Ani Based Routing Module (diABR).  Besides being a mouthful, our diABR is a long awaited module with the capability to specifically address the new regulatory changes imposed on the EU by BEREC.

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What's the right number of interconnects?

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a clear, unambiguous response to this question? Like, 4,284 interconnects is the right number. That would be awesome if that number existed. But, unfortunately, it doesn’t. See, there is no “right number” for interconnects. It all depends on your business, your objectives, your needs, your capabilities, etc.

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Andrea RonaAni 2016, First Section
Here's a "best practice" I have seen employed by many of our most successful customers: Variance Management.

I often get asked to provide examples of best practices that our most successful customers perform regularly. There are a lot of them, obviously, because the industry is a highly competitive and dynamic one that requires constant management at a near atomic or even sub-atomic level.  But here’s one I’ll share. Variance Management. 

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