SLBR...Why do you guys tout that?

Hey there stranger. I like it when my customers ask me a question about our features. It gives me a chance to brag about our folks here. They are so smart. They come up with really neat ways to improve the product and help our customers. SLBR, is one of them.

First, SLBR stands for Service Level Based Routing. It’s a rather clever and highly functional way to deal with class of service requirements carriers have for their different types of traffic. (I know, in English please…😊).

So, we all know that carriers originate, transmit, and terminate all types of traffic. Retail, wholesale, mobile, international, domestic U.S. CLI, fax, MMTR, A #, etc. Because of these different kinds of traffic, carriers need the ability to separate the way carriers route and manage this traffic. In the past, carriers would create separate routing tables which was a reasonable way, but not efficient. It was cumbersome, prone to staleness, and required heavy human resources to manage. In other words, it was ripe for improvement.

GCS came up with SLBR as a way of dealing with this while eliminating the notion of separate routing tables. What SLBR does is allow carriers to create routing rules based on attributes and those rules include routes and carriers that have similar attributes indicated in their carrier profile. So now you can get as deep and crazy as you want in defining attributes and the GCS ICP platform will route and manage appropriately. No more separate tables. Complexity eliminated!

Adios Amigos!