Can you ever be done optimizing your interconnect voice network?

Seems like a silly question. The answer of course will be, “NO”, because you constantly have to work on optimizing your network. Right?  

But what if it was possible? What if you could optimize your network? What would that process look like? How would you even begin to approach it?   

Well, here’s a suggested way to proceed…

  1. Look at your network, SBCs, and switches, as pipes. Yes, you can use the dumb pipes analogy that has been beaten to death in the last 10 years

  2. Then look at the control plane of the network from the interconnect perspective. That’s your OSS & BSS platform. In GCS vernacular, it’s your ICP platform.

  3. Build the optimized business rules. Read that again. Optimized business rules. This is the key

  4. Implement your optimized business rules/policies in your real-time interconnect OSS & BSS platform

  5. Run your traffic

  6. Measure, refine, adjust

That’s a suggested formula. It also happens to be the premise by which GCS built its Interconnect Command Platform (ICP).

We believe that you can optimize your interconnect network’s performance.  

In fact, we believe it can be optimized on a call-by-call basis. That’s why, at our core, our platform looks at, and treats each call based on the active business policies and rules at the moment of each call.

That’s true optimization!