What is the most important feature or capability of your software?

Wow, great question. Let me see. What is the most important feature of our ICP platform?

Well, it could be all of our alarming and reporting capabilities. They are pretty sweet. It could also be the rating. You know, we have had a lot of customers tell us that our rating engine is the most accurate they have ever seen. Maybe it’s our Domestic U.S. routing, or our Ani based routing & rating. Oooh, maybe it’s our credit management that allows you to offset in real-time. Hmm, all those are great features and capabilities, and our customers love them. But, if I am being honest, I have to say our greatest feature and capability is our scalability and reliability. In the end, that trumps everything.

See, in the interconnect marketplace, it’s easy for software companies to build features and functions, but to do it reliably and at scale, is whole other story. It’s not easy. It requires tons of experience, talent, and real world proof.

Our applications are deployed in some of the largest telecoms in North America. These include: Vonage, iBasis, Frontier, Windstream, Comcast, Bell Canada, etc. Our single largest deployment uses our ICP platform to manage more than 3 Billion call attempts per month. That’s a billion with a B. Think about how our software has to work at scale in order to support them effectively.

We have one customer that processes over 400M calls per month with us. They came to us specifically because of our ability to perform reliably at scale. That was the primary challenge with their old solution. The software company was capable and talented but couldn’t figure out how to perform reliably at scale. It’s not easy. It requires particular expertise and experience.

We’ve been developing those attributes and refining them over the past 10 years. We were one of the first solution providers to implement a data warehouse solution to address scale because we foresaw where the industry was heading and the data volumes that were going to be imposed on carriers in the interconnect voice industry.

Now, in 2018, we have gone through three phases of evolution with our data warehouse and that is why we scale, reliably. This means the 1 billion attempt customer can have the same experience as a 100M attempt customer. That’s our most important feature and capability. In the end, having features and functions are great, but if you don’t have scale in telecom, it doesn’t work. You can’t sustain your business on a platform that is not scalable.