Do I really need to do more than just traditional Least Cost Routing? Isn't that good enough?

Hmmmm. Let me see if I can say this tactfully. Are you insane!? Did you really just ask if traditional Least Cost Routing is good enough (whatever good enough means)? I don’t know…let’s think about it. Is my “bag phone” good enough? Is my 1985 Toyota Tercel good enough? Is my Pentium i486 computer good enough? Look, I am trying to be gentle, but come on.

It’s 2017, I mean 2018, and you are asking me if the way you were doing business in the 1990s is good enough?   

No it’s not!  

Let me repeat that again…NO IT’S NOT!!! You need to be using a next gen voice routing engine. Actually, let me correct that. In 2018, you MUST use a next gen routing engine. The reasons are clear and indisputable:

  1. Unlimited routing breakouts

  2. Dynamic routing capabilities (change routing in real-time based on price, route, supplier, or customer performance)

  3. Unlimited suppliers

  4. Call-By-Call routing algorithms

  5. Support for all your voice traffic in one single platform

  6. Margin routing, Off-set routing, Time of day routing, PRA, Priority routing, % based routing, Short duration call routing, on-net/off-net, Origination based routing, SPID based routing, etc, etc.

So, in 2018, Least Cost Routing is NOT good enough!   

Was that clear enough?  :-)

Adios mis amigos!