Is GCS still investing in its interconnect software, or are you guys looking to develop software solutions outside of the interconnect voice market?

My friends, I want to make sure you know the passion I have, and our company has, for interconnect voice. I know, I know, it’s weird to have someone speak so passionately about what seems to be a declining industry. But I don’t see it that way. Yes, the interconnect voice marketplace doesn’t generate the revenue dollars or margin it used to. It’s no longer considered a growth industry by most observers, analysts, and participants. But, and it’s a big BUT, interconnect voice still has an important value in the marketplace and amongst carriers. It may no longer be considered a “strategic asset”, BUT, it is still an asset to carriers to manage their own interconnect voice operations and control their destiny.

Ever major carrier in the industry knows that if they need top-line revenue, an “easy way” is to ramp up volume in their interconnect voice business. Just lower the termination rates on your fixed network assets and watch the volume of traffic grow along with the associated revenue dollars. It is the elixir for those voice service providers who might be suffering from their mobile, OTT, or other communication plays. So, with that as a backdrop, GCS looks at the marketplace and our ability to innovate and provide current and future value to our current and future customers.

See, we fancy ourselves as experts in the industry. Most of us here at GCS have spent our entire careers, or at least the large majority of our professional careers, in the interconnect voice industry. Many of us worked at carriers in the halcyon days after the 1996 Telecommunications Act and the invention, adoption, and wide scale deployment of VoiP & Next gen network technologies. Then we came together in 2006 to form GCS.

This isn’t just what we do, it’s who we are.

We know it so well and we believe we can create compelling solutions that make our customers more revenue and improve their ability to leverage their interconnect voice asset to whatever goal they need, or desire, to achieve.

So, my friends, the answer is yes, we are continuing to invest in our interconnect command platform software. In fact, our software development roadmap is booked up for the next 18 months and there’s some really cool s**t that we are going to introduce to the market. We aren’t looking to go into the electric vehicle or autonomous driving realm. We don’t bring value there.

But, in the interconnect voice market, we bring a ton of value.

See ya,