I am a small international wholesaler, how do I know if my biz is doing well?

Tough question. All companies have a desire to know if they are performing at, above, or below market. How can you know if you are improving if you can’t measure your performance and compare it to the industry?

Well, let us try and help. Here’s some simple market based data from us to help in that regard.

So far, this month a small subset of international customers have experienced the following (this is across 525,253,450 minutes of international traffic, from 16 carriers):

  1. ARPM: $0.02232

  2. AMPM: $0.00262

  3. AMPM%: 11.7%

  4. ALOC: 306 seconds

  5. ASR: 28%

So, how do you stack up? It’s a good sample size in terms of minutes and customers. Most of these are pure arbitrage players and there are no retailers in this mix.

Let us know how you compare.

See ya,