In reality, aren't all interconnect voice OSS & BSS providers the same? It's just software isn't it?

WOW. Not sure how to take that. Are you saying that we are all the same? That there is no differentiation amongst us at all? That GCS is the same as Telarix, the same as CSG, the same as Digitalk, the same as Fastlink?  I guess you are.

I guess you are saying that because it’s software, it’s easily reversed engineered and therefore everyone can “copy” and replicate the features and functions that each provider has, or claims to have.

Well, that is true. Software is easily reverse engineered. At least at the user interaction level. We can create screens and fields that look and act like other fields and functions in other applications that perform the same task. But does that make it the same?

See, here at GCS, part of what we do is develop features and functions in our software. Our team of software engineers is constantly building stuff, improving stuff and making our stuff work faster and better.   

But what truly differentiates our “stuff”, or software as many of you call it, is our scale and speed. Being able to do a particular function is fairly easy. Try doing it in the range of billions of calls per month. Try re-rating billions of CDRs, try managing a business that generates over a billion dollars in revenue annually?  How does the software scale? How does the speed of the request decrease when volume increases?

GCS has spent almost a disproportionate amount of time on speed, scale and reliability.  We’ve won our biggest customers because of our speed, scale and reliability. It’s central to the value of our software. Why did we spend so much time focused on speed and scale?  Because we know how critically important it is to a carrier’s operations. How do we know that? Well, this is why we are so different. At GCS our true differentiator is our experience and expertise.  

See, we are different than most software vendors servicing the interconnect voice market.   Most vendors are software folks who decided to solve this problem. We are carrier guys who became software guys. We understand the problems and challenges carriers face at the microscopic level. We like to say this is in our DNA and this is what makes us different from every software provider. Our CTO & president built and ran one of the world’s first pure VoIP networks all the way back in 1997 through 2004. Our Marketing guy was product manager for a global wholesale VoIP business generating over $300M in annual revenues. Our senior support and Tier 3 engineer team all worked at a carrier and have first hand experience being the NOC, the deployment engineer, the trainer, the routing specialist, Tier 2 & Tier 3, etc.  Our senior software engineers worked at a carrier.

No matter how good you are at software development, you can’t replicate that experience and leverage it for how you design software. This is what makes us so special. When people ask us what our competitive differentiator is, we have a simple response:  The expertise and experience of our team.

That’s what makes us different. That’s what makes us better.  And that’s why all Interconnect voice OSS & BSS providers are NOT the same?

See ya,