I saw your news about the new iRAS service you just launched. Is it really as big a deal as you guys are making it out to be?

My friend, have I ever over-hyped anything we do? Don’t answer that! I’ll just say this, we think this is the biggest thing we have done in 2 years!

The last BIG thing we introduced was A# Rating & Routing, or origination based pricing, or what we call, i-AZM (International Ani Zone module). We do think this is really big. See, we’ve been at this game for a while. We know it inside and out. Our product dev team, our support engineering, our marketing folks, and even I know more about the interconnect voice world than we ever thought we would.

Do you know that our solutions process more than 9 billion unique call attempts every month? That’s a ton of traffic. Our Interconnect Command Platform manages every aspect of that call, from carrier identification, to origination source, rating, routing, business policy application, CDR collection and processing, reporting, alarming, analytics, invoicing, credit, …the list goes on and on. This is super complex stuff and we know it at the bit level. We’ve built a pretty exhaustive tool set in our ICP platform which you can look at here.

With our new GCS iRAS service, we are expanding the scope of our solution set in an easy, cloud based, platform that can be purchased on a subscription basis as a stand-alone product.

Now, your vendors can email the solution into our iRAS engine and it will do everything from finding and opening the attachment, analyzing it for formatting, apply your routing & business policy rules to it, and produce a ready to use file for your rating and routing systems. It will automatically provide status to both you and your vendors. It will provide reporting and analytics. It will show trending. It will support International, U.S. domestic and origination based price decks. It will provide audit trails.

It will make your rate deck management life incredibly easier.

So, yeah, it really is a big deal. That’s not new for us. We were one of the first to do U.S. domestic routing, LCADs routing, origination based routing, the way we manage quality and termination, our real-time routing, and our Carrier-in-a Box cloud-based solution.

This is what we do. This is who we are. We are the experts.

We are revolutionizing the way carriers do business with each other.

We are helping carriers make voice profitable.

Until next time,