Can the GCS ICP Solution make us more money?


That’s the whole reason we are here. 

It’s why we built our Interconnect Platform solution in the first place. See, here at the GCS factory our highly skilled workers decided in 2009 that they had enough. Instead of helping carriers manage their interconnect voice networks and systems, our team said, “Screw it! Let’s just build our own. We’ve got the tools, we’ve got the talent and, most importantly, we’ve got the “know how”.

That “know how” is what drove us to build one of the industry’s most dynamic, real-time, interconnect voice OSS & BSS platform: The GCS ICP Solution.

At the core of our “know how” is our knowledge of how carriers work and use interconnect voice. We understand it at the revenue/cost/margin level. Our team has sat in the NOC, in the product meetings, and in the customer meetings. They know the challenges that carriers face every day and how important the interconnect voice business can be, and is, to a carrier.  

That knowledge and experience was present the first day we sat down and started designing our system. One of the axiom’s we used to guide our initial development efforts (and it still holds true to this day) is...Let’s help carriers make more money on their interconnect voice business. 

We do this by leveraging our platform to create massively scalable automation, real-time business policy enforcement for routing, rating, credit management, etc., and by providing a comprehensive enterprise solution to the myriad of tasks required to operate an interconnect voice business. 

So, yes, our solution will help you make more money. 

But don’t just take our word for it.  Ask our customers!  They will tell you.

Keeping it real,