How is the MTR origination pricing impacting the EU based voice marketplace?

Whoa, now that is an “inside” baseball question!  

As we all know, or at least, should know by now, the Origination Based Pricing that was enacted by the EU for EU based countries is in full effect. What this means, for those of you not paying attention to it, is that there is different pricing for EU to EU voice calls vs. EU to non-EU, or non-EU to EU voice calls. I know, that reads complicated, but put simply, it’s just a different jurisdictional based pricing plan that needs to be supported.   

BICs was one of the primary supporters of the initiative and I am sure they are deriving a lot of benefit. Many of our customers, have started seeing the impact as we launched our International Ani Zone Module (iAZM) which was specifically built to support the EU/non-EU origination pricing and routing. It has helped these carriers improve their cost optimization for all of their EU based traffic. That’s always our goal; to help our customers address their marketplace challenges. Whether they are imposed by regulatory bodies or just through marketplace dynamics. If any of you have EU based traffic, give us a shout and let’s see if we can help. If you aren’t managing it, you are leaving money on the table!

Adios Amigos!