How does GCS balance existing customer support with new product development?

Wow, that is a super smart question! Our customers are way smarter than we are…they ask such good questions!  In all honesty, there isn’t a simple answer to this question. Of course, we want to make sure we are satisfying our existing customer needs now, and in the future. So, our customers do have a ton of influence over our product roadmap and the evolution of our company. While we want to acquire new customers (as any business does), our focus is heavily centered on making sure our existing customers are getting what they need from us, and feel as though we are helping them succeed in their endeavors to, as we like to say, “ Make Voice Profitable”.  Our current product roadmap which includes:

Telco Audit


Auto Rate sheet email processing

Are all from existing customer requests. In fact, all of our committed roadmap items for 2016 are addressing the wants and needs of our existing customers. Now, that’s great for our customers, but in order to be viable for the long term, we do need to keep an eye on the marketplace and examine where there are new emerging trends and opportunities and figure out how we can invest in those for 2018. Our roadmap items for the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018 tend to focus on those market related items that we think will help us to continue to capture market share in 2018, as our feature set continues to expand. So, to all of our existing customers, we lean more towards meeting your needs now and then, hopefully, in 2018 we can pursue a more balanced approach between existing customers needs and marketplace opportunities.

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