How do I know if I need help with my interconnect voice business?

Ooohhhh. That’s a good question. We all know that most of us in this industry are geniuses with over inflated egos who are so simultaneously anxious about their inferiorities, so it’s hard for many in the industry to conduct an objective assessment about what they are doing right, wrong, or what they could be doing better.  Kudos to you for putting that out there.

Look, the reality is that the business of interconnect voice is pretty hard, complex, and presents daily challenges that make many of you want to run from it. But at GCS, we actually love it. We find it fascinating. It’s a dynamic industry that, while exhibiting all the characteristics of a very mature industry, faces a seemingly never ending drumbeat of new issues that require new approaches and demands innovation and technological evolution.

So, to know if you need help for your interconnect voice business, look no further than your limits.

Are there limitations to your routing?
Are there things you want to do but you can’t?
Do you struggle with Dialer Traffic?
Do you struggle with Euro-Zone Routing & Rating?
Can you do U.S. domestic?
Can you do LNP or MNP?
Are your limits impacting your interconnect business or margins?
Is your quality failing?
Do think you are buying sub-optimally?   

Taking a look at your limitations is the best place to start. Find your limitations, and if the economic or marketplace sum of those limitations causes you any concern, then you probably need help.

The best place to start is with your existing interconnect voice supplier. If not, there’s always the team here at GCS. We can help you figure out if you need help.  

Enjoy your week,