What is this Dynamic Credit Watch?

You mean our dCWATCH? Well, it’s just another one of our super cool modules we recently rolled out. It makes one of the more challenging parts of interconnect voice run much more smoothly. Actually, it makes it easy! Look, we all love this industry, but we also know that because of it’s thin margins, carriers have to manage their risk profiles tightly. Extremely tightly. They need to make sure they are managing payments, credit limits, pre-pays, etc. in as close to real-time as possible. Well, that is where our dCWATCH comes in. We take care of everything. We allow you to establish your credit limit and pre-pay thresholds. We enable you to set up alerts and notifications, and we provide carriers the ability to initiate transactions that block carriers, unblock carriers, remove suppliers, replace suppliers, etc without any human intervention. Further, and this may be one of the best parts, our dCWATCH integrates with most Accounting systems (Quickbooks, Peachtree, Oracle, etc.) so that when payments are received and posted in those systems, within moments the balances are updated in our system so you are making all of your interconnect voice decisions with all the actionable information available at that particular moment in time. Does this thing sound awesome or what?!

Oh yeah, one more thing in our dCWATCH that adds to its awesomeness…it net settles balances so that you can manage your voice interconnect trading in a way that reflects your entire business. Most interconnects (unless you are a pure-play retail provider), have bidirectional business, right? Well that means to look at your trading partner holistically, you have to take into account BOTH the traffic you send them AND the traffic they send you. That’s how you determine what is the right business decision to make! Yeah, I know you are saying to yourself that, these guys at GCS, are pretty smart. I agree!

Enjoy, Ani