Is GCS an LCR engine?

Hi there. That’s a pretty straightforward question. I should be able to answer it pretty easily, right? I mean, we provide carriers with the ability to generate unique call routing lists on a call-by-call basis. We allow carriers to create a business policy engine that looks at revenue, margin, quality, and a host of other commercial and network attributes to determine the route list for each call, in real-time. Our solution tracks all call attempts and applies every sophisticated (and simpler ones too) routing capability and applies the business policy. Whether that is, time of day, percentage based, quality based, product based, credit based, commercial based, risk assurance based, etc. The GCS Solution takes all that information, crunches it, and applies the prevailing business policy to construct the routing list for that particular call at that particular moment. Typically, Least Cost Routing engines (LCR engines) are just building a static route list in a table format that gets uploaded to the switch on a regularly scheduled basis. That same static route list gets applied to all the calls, regardless of time of day, quality issues, product, credit or commercial considerations. Now, sure, there are some static LCR file solutions that have added some new capabilities like time of day or credit blocking, but they usually can’t handle the volume of options a solution like ours handles.

So, back to the original question. Is GCS an LCR engine? The answer is, “YES”. But we are so much more than an LCR engine.

Stay cool my friends - Ani