Here's a "best practice" I have seen employed by many of our most successful customers: Variance Management.

I often get asked to provide examples of best practices that our most successful customers perform regularly. There are a lot of them, obviously, because the industry is a highly competitive and dynamic one that requires constant management at a near atomic or even sub-atomic level.  But here’s one I’ll share. Variance Management. 

Variance management is a method that many successful customers use to manage their interconnect voice business. By leveraging our variance analysis tools, our customers are empowered to examine their interconnect voice business at a macro and micro level through the dimensions of time. This allows carriers to examine the business trends and traffic trends across time periods. Our variance tools also highlight improvements and degradations across both traffic and commercial perspectives. For example, you can look at traffic to a particular destination, the volume, the quality, the revenue, the margin, and compare that across all customers, for the last 24 hours, the last 7 days or the last 30 days. It provides you information on a specific day of the week and allows you to drill down to a specific customer or a specific supplier. Think about managing your interconnect voice business. I remember when I was a product manager and every month I had to prepare my slide deck that had info on:  Top 10 destinations, Top 10 customers, Top 10 Suppliers, and show the variance from month to month. I then had to project forward for what I thought would happen based on those trends. Well, imagine being able to do that daily, across all customers, all destinations and all suppliers. Imagine being alerted to under or over performing customers or routes. What would that do for you and how could you maximize the benefit to your company? That’s what Variance Management can provide. That’s why some of our most successful customers base their daily operations of their interconnect voice business on our variance management capabilities.
Interested in learning more about our variance management? Contact our sales team. They’ll do a great job listening to your challenges and figuring out if we can help. But, if you aren’t using variance management as part of your daily/weekly/monthly or quarterly business management, you might want to consider adding it to your arsenal of management tactics. From what I’ve seen many of the successful carriers I deal with are doing so. Hope this was interesting.  

Ciao, Ani