How can I get better at our interconnect voice?

Wow. That’s the question of the year so far. That really gets to the core of the challenge, right? I mean, everyone has some sort of interconnect voice related business operations - some processes, some tools and a way of doing things. But how do they know they are optimized? How do they know if there is room to get better (become even more optimized) and what are the things they do?

Here at GCS, our product, marketing, and sales teams spend a lot of time discussing this exact issue. We believe there is always room for improvement. In fact, we haven’t yet met a carrier that we concluded they were doing everything right. Some were good, some were bad, but all had major room to improve.

So, where do you begin? Well, like anything, start by performing a GAP analysis. Compare your actual performance against projected or desired performance in terms of ARPM, AMPM, ACPM, ABR/ASR, Network Yield, overhead, etc. Measure yourself and see where the biggest GAPS are and then prioritize.

What we have found in our 10 years of doing this for companies both big and small is that there is often an inertia challenge to overcome in an organization. Everyone says change is hard, but why do they say that? Because, in general, human beings aren’t built to constantly learn and do new things. I mean, I would like to learn a new language but when I buy that Rosetta Stone application, it sits there unused. Why? Cause…It’s too much effort. So, my folks here tell me all the time that organizational commitment to improving their interconnect voice operations is paramount to success. That means after you do your GAP analysis you have to get executive buy-in and endorsement to improve. That means the management team has to make it a priority.

Once you get that combined with your GAP analysis, you are ready to begin improving. If you ever need help, just reach out to us. This is kinda our thing. We are experts at interconnect voice for retailers, wholesalers, network owners, arbitrage players, OTT, and application providers.  So, ask us. We can help with your GAP analysis.

Au Revoir mes amis,