What is GCS's competitive differentiator?

Man, we have the best customers. They always ask great questions and I just love answering them.

So, you might be surprised that the answer to the question, “What is our competitive differentiator?” isn’t our patented dynamic routing solution. It isn’t the integration of our big data warehouse. It isn’t the speed, reliability, and scalability (although we think those are important).

Nope, those are differentiators, but our competitive differentiator, the thing that makes us unique and therefore “better” than everyone else out there, is something that is impossible to replicate...our staff.

Our staff is comprised of the original founding employees. There’s Brian, Carl, Christian and Jordan. There’s Mark and Jay. There’s Zed, Marc, and James. These guys have been in the industry practically forever. They have carrier experience (meaning they worked at a carrier). They have been with GCS for a long time and have supported our customers and our product passionately during their tenure.

That can’t be replicated. We often highlight our team and say this interconnect voice is “our thing”, it is in our dna. Most of our team has been doing it for nearly 20 years!!!

That gives us incredible insight and understanding of the industry that just can’t’ be duplicated.

This insight and understanding informs how we design and build products. It informs how we support our customers both regularly and in time of need. Our customers, both large and small, stay with us because our solution works. We get that our software has to work. But our customers evangelize our company and our product because of our team.   

Our product guys managed a wholesale voice product that generated over $200M in annual revenues.

Our network guys managed a global, wholesale voice network that carried over 1 Billion minutes per month of international traffic.

Our CTO, Jay, designed, built, and managed a global VoIP network and global VoIP operations team.

Our product guys created new products and managed the financial complexities of interconnect voice.

It’s a bold statement to make, heck, I think the world of these guys. I don’t think there is another interconnect voice platform provider that can hold a candle to our team.  Simply put...They are the best. They’re the Yankees, the Patriots, the Red Wings and the Celtics combined into one super team.

They are the dream team of interconnect voice!