Why doesn't GCS just use Amazon's AWS for its cloud services?

That’s a good question, and an important one. The answer actually isn’t that complicated. AWS is a phenomenal service, but, and it’s a big but, not a big BUTT, just a big BUT, the control it would provide us doesn’t give us the confidence that it would be equivalent to the control we currently have by building and managing our own cloud.  

This surely could change in the future, but after a considered analysis of the capabilities we would get from leveraging AWS to the controls we would lose by going to AWS, made the choice relatively easy. It’s kind of like asking why Comcast doesn’t leverage AWS. It all comes down to control. The ability to perform the tasks you want and need to perform, in priority order, and in the time frame you need them to be provided. That control is incredibly important to us as we provide a real-time mission critical solution to carriers. Sure, it may be cheaper to use AWS, but is that savings worth diminishing our ability to control our users’ experience and resolution to problems that may crop up from time to time? We don’t think so. We think it’s still too important to our customers and our value prop that we can control our destiny.  

So, that’s why we don’t use AWS. But we think it’s a great service and understand why many companies use it.

Our cloud leverages the latest in VM technology (Cisco), and infrastructure, and excellent colocation provider (equinix), and internet bandwidth (Internap). Providing excellent cloud services, in fact, best-in-class cloud services, for interconnect voice platforms is always our goal!

Great question!