Does your platform support SMS?

You guys ask such good questions! So, here at GCS, we think it does or could with minor adjustments, but we haven’t yet found a carrier who wanted to engage with us to explore that fully. SMS shares a lot of similarities to voice.

While there are definitely differences and nuances that need to be fleshed out, we think that at a macro level there is plenty of extensibility in our platform that could make supporting wholesale SMS easier and more cost effective for carriers. Some of these nuances come from the bulk SMS messaging that exists that are (A2P) Application to Peer. Furthermore, there are some questions regarding the longevity of SMS given the increasing availability of Wi-Fi and internet bandwidth that can be leveraged for messaging delivery. But, to be honest, everyone keeps saying that about voice and the internet, and while pricing is really cheap on a per call basis, there is still a price/cost for each message somewhere.

So, our platform might support SMS right out of the box with almost no alterations. But, we won’t know that until we engage a carrier with SMS today. Do you have SMS traffic today? Are you struggling to grow and manage that portion of the business? If so, give us a shout.  

Until next week,