Do I really need an interconnect voice management solution? Isn't voice going to be free?

I get this question all the time. At the recent ITW show in Chicago this past May, I had a lot of people asking me, “Do they really need a solution like ours?”.  I was like, “ahh..yeah”.  Now, I know everyone has been forecasting the death of voice as a business because it’s all going over the internet and the rise of OTT players like Skype and Twilio are taking voice traffic away from carriers. There is still a big pile of voice traffic out there. Look, there are probably over 1 Trillion phone calls made every day. Even if Skype and its peers accounted for 1/10th of that, (that’s 100 Billion), that means that there are 900 Bn calls that aren’t being handled by Skype or its peers. So, the reality is that those calls have to be terminated somewhere, and no one has networks everywhere, which means there has to be interconnects. And once you have interconnects, you have to manage them somehow. Additionally, voice isn’t going to be free any time soon (thanks European Union) which means you have to not only manage the network portion of the interconnect, you also have to manage the commercial portion. This means rates, codes, billing terms, invoicing, accounting, etc. This is also known as the interconnect management operations.

So, do you really need an interconnect voice management solution? Well… Do you offer voice services?  Do you have a global ubiquitous network to every phone in the world?  Do you need a way to manage all the commercial and network related functions? See where I am going?  The answer is “Yes”. You need an interconnect voice management solution. Voice may continue down its price decline, but will it ever be free? Probably not any time soon. Are you convinced? Check out this interesting article from Hot Telecom: “A World without Termination Rates”