CDR Reconciliation. Is it important or not?

Boy, are you guys just great at asking questions that stir the mind and challenge the prevailing thinking. We just have the smartest customers.

So, CDR reconciliation. Obviously, it’s a pain in the… you know where. Really though, is it that important? Can a company survive without performing it? How important is it in the day-to-day survival of the interconnect voice world?

Well, here’s what I think: I think CDR reconciliation needs to be managed like all other risks. Most companies look at CDR reconciliation and say, well, “We only need to perform it if there is a dispute of significant size (aka dollars). Other than that, who cares?” Well, the problem with that is it is reactionary not proactive. It basically frames the analysis as a reaction to an event. As this industry has taught everyone (sometimes through painful examples), reactions to problems that can be proactively managed is usually the incorrect approach and almost always is the most expensive. In today’s interconnect voice, there’s no reason to adopt a reactive approach to managing problems that can be mitigated or managed via technology at a fraction of the cost.

Here at GCS, our CDRecon Module makes proactively managing and mitigating disputes and the workload of CDR reconciliation inexpensive, efficient and simple. All for a fraction of the overhead cost compared to reactive management approaches. Carriers need to start looking at making the tactical investments that allow them to scale their interconnect voice operations. After all, in this current marketplace, scale is the only path to riches. So scaling aspects of the interconnect voice operations are crucial and will pay dividends going forward. We all know what a pain in the… you know where reacting to disputes and performing CDR reconciliation, after the fact, can impose on a carrier’s back office, cash flow and profits.

So, yes, CDR reconciliation is important, and with today’s technologies can be managed proactively and inexpensively. So, as Nike says, “Just do it”!

What do you think?  How are you plagued by CDR disputes and reconciliation?

Until next week,