Do you guys provide fraud detection/prevention capabilities?

My friends. This is a question we get often. We do such a good job with our interconnect related platform, that everyone wants to see if we can help them with fraud detection and prevention. And it makes sense. Because we are a real-time routing and rating engine, we can intervene and stop fraud, or even prevent fraud, once it happens.

That said, we do have to acknowledge, that as of today, we aren’t what one would consider to be a classic fraud detection and prevention system.  What I mean by that is, we aren’t looking at large volumes of calls and call attempts and then applying some statistical algorithm that samples them and tries to predict or project if it’s fraud. Neither are we looking at this call data and trying to determine if there was fraud committed, and identifying it. That’s not what we do. We may do it at some point in the future, but our primary mission is to make interconnect voice work for all parties and that is a big task and gives us tons to do.

But I would be remiss if I didn’t explain how we help you mitigate fraud in your interconnect voice business. We have an incredibly powerful alarming tool. It allows you to create algorithmic alarms which includes the ability to modify routing, block suppliers, block originators, send alerts, etc.

For example, maybe you have a potential short duration fraudster on your network. You can create algorithmic alarms that can check for that and, if found, initiate action to block the originator, send alerts to your NOC team and you, and even notify the originator that something was detected. Pretty cool, right?

So, while we are aren’t a comprehensive fraud detection/prevention system, we do help you mitigate fraud in your interconnect voice business in a pretty cool way. And we do it without any additional charges…it’s just part of our ICP platform!

Au Revoir!