What’s the one mistake GCS sees carriers continuously making?

Oooh, now that’s an awesome question. Well, if they are our customers, they clearly are brilliant and don’t make a lot of mistakes. That’s why they are successful and doing so well, because they are our customers.

If I had to choose one mistake we see carriers continue to make over and over, it’s that they think they can, and should, build their own interconnect voice platform. We’ve written extensively about why this “build vs. buy” debate is complete nonsense. It’s like saying there is no global warming, that electric cars won’t work, or that no one will replace Kodak film ever! It’s just crazy talk, plain and simple.

Building a solution when there are already viable alternatives produced, sold, and supported by 3rd parties is a waste of time and resources. Again, building your own interconnect voice platform is a waste of time and resources. That is not up for debate. Anyone advocating for building an interconnect voice platform for a carrier has ulterior motives. It is NOT in the carrier’s best interest. Read our white paper here.

So, all carriers, please don’t do it. Don’t even pretend to do it. It’s a mistake you should avoid and, from a business stand point, there is no justifiable reason to do it.

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