You guys always brag about your reporting. What makes it so special?

Our reporting rocks... Stone. Cold. Rocks! You want to know what makes it so special?  Well, I’ll tell you. It is because it’s fast. BLAZING fast.  

Why is speed important? Well, in the world of interconnect voice you are operating on thin margins. Razor thin margins. Reporting helps you determine if the business is performing at, above, or below expectations. But if it takes you hours, days, or even a week, to get the report…well, that is like getting the winning numbers to the lottery for last Saturday’s drawing.   So, you need speed. Our platform is BLAZING fast. Let me say it again. Blazing fast.   

See, early on, we partnered with a big data company that took our reporting to a whole new level. Here we are, 5 years later and we are on our 3rd generation of the reporting architecture.   We have this thing optimized for speed. In the words of Mel Brooks, we are talking about ludicrous speed.   

But speed alone isn’t what makes our reporting so special. Nope. The other thing that makes our reporting so special, and why we brag about it, is our accuracy. We are talking 6 decimal place accuracy. That’s 0.123456 accuracy. Our stuff is never wrong and if there is a discrepancy it’s usually because a user changed a rate or rating parameter.

Sure, accuracy should be easy right?  But then how come so many of our customers tell us that our system’s accuracy has improved the way they manage their vendors? It’s almost as if vendors were mis-charging our customers for termination and then they instituted our system and we were able to definitively and accurately provide them reporting into usage which allowed them to more accurately control costs. So,that’s pretty freaking awesome!

In fact, we had one large carrier that couldn’t determine the accuracy of their vendor invoices. Think about that. They had to just accept them as is. That is, until they implemented our solution. Then they could. And oh boy, some of those vendors had some hard conversations. So, yes, our solution is blazing fast, but it is also accurate.

That’s pretty special in our mind. What do you think?

Til next time,