Why do you guys stress scalability and reliability so much? Isn't everyone's solution scalable and reliable?

Hmmm. Not exactly sure how to respond to this one. While of course everyone touts their scalability and reliability as important components of their interconnect voice solution, how many actually can deliver on it? And why do we make such a point about our scalability and reliability? I mean, you could say that we act like it’s one of the most important things of an interconnect voice management solution. Truth is, if I am being honest here, we really do think it’s one of the most important things in an interconnect voice management solution. We have seen it time and time again that many customers come to us begging for a laundry list of features and capabilities, all underscored with the base need of scalability and reliability. Ultimately, it comes down to the undeniable fact that if you have a ton of great features, but the system doesn’t scale or isn’t reliable, then you have nothing.

It’s like the classic Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs. If you don’t have the basics of: food, water, air, and safety & security, then having friendship, self-esteem and creativity is meaningless. The same holds true in interconnect voice. Scalability and reliability are the bottom 2, base level tiers of our GCS hierarchy of interconnect voice needs.  

In fact, here is our newly published Hierarchy of Needs for Interconnect Voice OSS & BSS Management Solutions:

Base Level 1: Scalability — ability to perform and maintain necessary functions as traffic volumes, double, triple, or even quadruple

Base Level 2: Reliability — ability to trust and rely on the system functioning on a consistent/predictable basis (99.995% of the time)  

Level 3: Basic Features — Routing, Rating, Reporting, Supplier Price Management, Quality Management, Carrier Management, Invoicing    

Level 4: Advanced Features: PRA, Credit Management, Invoice, Advanced Routing, Margin Management, Variance Analysis (%, Time of Day, Product, Quality Level, U.S. Domestic, International A#)    

Level 5: Work flow features: Supplier Assurance management, Bi-Lateral, CDR Reconciliation, Sophisticated Alarming, Workflow Automation, Carrier-in-a-Box,

Everything is built upon scalability and reliability. Like most things, if you have a faulty foundation, the structure will collapse under stress and you will be left with a pile of rubble. How about that metaphor!