What's up with your i-AZM module?

Ooh..our i-AZM module is kind of a big deal.

Our marketing team doesn’t do a good enough job, in my opinion, of touting its value and benefits. But, it really is impressive!  As most of you probably know, the EU imposed this whole new pricing paradigm whereby origination of calls would determine tariffed pricing to EU destinations. Kind of an “on-net/off-net, origination based pricing schema”. Sounds bland, but it actually created some complexities across carriers’ back offices and interconnect voice management platforms. Most interconnect voice routing solutions are based on destination, meaning they look at the dialed or “called” number to figure out the right price and way to route the call. Now, with the new origination based pricing in the EU, a system has to look at the originating number AND destination number and then determine the correct rate and optimized route. That’s distinctly different.

We spent a significant amount of time developing and testing our i-AZM module (btw, i-AZM stands for International Ani-Zone Module). We named it this because we look at each originating and terminating area as a “zone” or jurisdiction. So that’s how we came up with the name. Our marketing people aren’t exactly branding savants, but they do try :-). We worked out the kinks and we believe we now have a rock solid solution that can help carriers address this marketplace need. Seamlessly, our system handles these origination rate decks, which is really challenging because for every origination number, you have a set of destination numbers with specific rates. So, calling from France to Germany is different than calling from London to Germany (thanks Brexit!). I won’t bore you with the software engineering challenges this presented, but let’s just say…. it’s complicated!!!

The GCS i-AZM module allows carriers, of all shapes and sizes, to buy and offer A#/origination based products to their interconnect partners. It’s kind of a big deal. I am going to go tell my marketing colleagues they better improve the way they communicate it!