What's the importance of code based routing & rating?

Oh. Oh my. Umm…as Tom Hanks said in that movie Apollo 13, “Houston, we have a problem”. If the answer to “what is the importance of code based routing and rating?” is still unknown, then we do have a problem. The interconnect voice world has become such a commoditized marketplace that carriers have driven the buying and selling to its most granular level possible in pursuit of stripping away complexity, eliminating/reducing arbitrage opportunities, and getting to the core proposition (terminating a phone call for $X dollars per minute).  

So, if you think about it, by focusing on the dial code and the rate, you are at, what I call, the “atomic” level. No more routing at country level or city level. You are routing at the atomic level, and that when combined make the molecular structures we call cities, country’s, jurisdictions, etc. This approach ensures the greatest control and management of costs and provides maximum flexibility in allowing carriers to create whatever molecules (countries, cities, or special breakouts) they want.

The importance of code based routing and rating is as important to interconnect voice as molecular structure design is to pharma. Okay, one saves lives and the other doesn’t, but you get my drift.

Marafiki wazuri  (goodbye friends)