What's one thing that many carriers don't do well that causes a lot of challenges for them?

Whoa…very insightful question. I’d like to say that carriers do pretty much everything well, but that wouldn’t be totally accurate. Don’t get me wrong, carriers do a lot of stuff right. And in interconnect voice, there is a lot of stuff to do. But there are areas that many carriers don’t do well that does end up causing a lot of challenges for them, and their carrier partners.

One area in particular is CDR errors. CDR errors mostly happen because a rate deck wasn’t properly uploaded, or the carrier wasn’t configured properly, or the CDR format changed. As a result the CDRs can’t be rated correctly and our system (as do most systems) put these CDRs in error. Remember, CDRs are the digital form of revenue/expense for a carrier. So, they are literally digital money (hello bitcoin!)

What carriers need to do is devote the appropriate attention to detail when it comes to configuring carriers, validating rate uploads, and monitoring CDR formats. Here at GCS, we try to do everything we can to provide carriers the tools they need to make carrier configuration, CDR format, and rate upload work seamlessly. Way back in the day carriers used to devote millions of dollars to this aspect of their business because it affected revenue and margin.   Think about the downstream effects of not managing this correctly - CDRs go into error and they don’t stop going into error until they are corrected. Once they get corrected they have to restream through the rating, reporting, and billing processes. So, that throws off all the critical reporting, alarming, margin management, and expense management. Additionally, restreaming a ton of CDRs to be rated slows performance because you have increased CDR volumes on all your CDR rating processes. It’s just bad and it’s almost completely avoidable!