What is the big deal with Big Data in your ICP solution?

Wha, wha, what? Are you asking me why Big Data is such a Big deal in our ICP solution?  That’s a good question and one I probably should have answered a lot sooner!  

Look, in today’s interconnect voice world, it’s all about the data. No, not IP bandwidth data, but actual real data. Spreadsheets contain the information (the rates and codes) that comprise the products that carriers sell to each other. Every carrier offers it and they all have different code breakouts and rates, and they are constantly changing in this crazy, commoditized marketplace.  

So, from that aspect, trying to manage literally thousands of codes, with thousands of rate variations, can be mind numbing to humans and can be congestion causing for machines (aka computers). That’s where Big Data really comes into play. Now, we have all heard about Big Data and have been hearing about it for the last decade or so, but what does GCS mean when we cite Big Data? We mean the ability to process millions, or even billions, of transactions from a data processing perspective.  

That can be something to do with codes and rates, it can be processing CDRs, it can be performing massive re-rates, it can be managing route alarms and call quality attributes. What makes big data so compelling and advantageous to carriers is the speed at which it can perform these operations and how the architected underpinnings of a Big Data solution transform the way a carrier manages its business. It literally transforms carriers’ operations. At least for our customers.

GCS has employed a Big Data solution for over 7 years. It is core to our software architecture.  It is imperative in today’s marketplace where massive data volumes are the norm that an interconnect voice platform (like our ICP) provide you the speed and scale you need. Big Data solutions are central to delivering that need.

Arrivederci Amico Mio,